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Grade School Handbook

   The Xavier School Nuvali Student Handbook is a summary of our way of seeing and doing things - the Xavier way of "being" and "letting be."

   Included are Xavier School's philosophy of education, a description of its vision, goals, objectives, and characteristics, an explanation of its organizational structure, a statement of its academic policies, and a listing of the rules and regulations which govern the school's code of discipline and its students academic life.

   You may find below the Student Handbooks for Kinder to Grade 2 and Grades 3-6. Right-click on the appropriate file to download it.

Student Handbook for Kinder to Grade 2

Student Handbook for Grades 3 to 6

School Clubs

Companions of Jesus

The Companions of Jesus Club gives Xavier School Nuvali's students opportunities to serve God and the school community.

Culture Clubs

Students of Xavier School Nuvali get to explore the Filipino and Chinese cultures in their chosen culture club.


Xavier School Nuvali's KAB Scouts, Star Scouts, Boys Scouts, and Girls Scouts are always ready to help.

Chinese Culture Club

The Chinese Culture Club of Xavier School Nuvali aims to further expand the knowledge and appreciation of its students for the Chinese culture.

XSNuVoices and Harmonix

XSNuVoices and Harmonix is Xavier School Nuvali's glee and instrumentalists' club.


Xpressionists is Xavier School Nuvali's grade school art club.


This club is Xavier School Nuvali's Filipino culture club. It aims to enrich the students' appreciation for our own local culture.


Xavier School Nuvali has an after-school sports program for a variety of sports as well as varsity teams for basketball and football.