The Grant-in-Aid is a scholarship program that supports students of Xavier School in San Juan and Nuvali who have been accepted for enrollment but are unable to bear the cost of the Xavier education.

The program provides up to 100% subsidy for tuition, books, supplies, and miscellaneous fees. This is open to all students currently enrolled, new admissions for Kindergarten, and transferees to any grade level. Aside from the degree of financial incapacity, the applications will be evaluated based on the student’s meeting the threshold for satisfactory academic standing and disciplinary status.

The application process requires a letter of intent stating the reason for financial assistance and the submission of the application form and other required documents. This also includes a home visit and a personal interview with the parents or legal guardian if deemed necessary. All approved scholarships are evaluated for renewal on a yearly basis.

Grant-in-Aid applications of new students for school year 2023-2024 are available after release of the Admissions Results; the deadline for submission is May 15, 2023.

Application for renewal of former grantees, old applicants, and new applicants who are current XSN students is until October 14, 2022.

For inquiries, contact Ms. Lucy Dimalanta, GIA Officer, at 0916-526-4953 (Globe), or email

Criteria for Application & Schedule

Any duly registered (i.e. currently enrolled) student of Xavier School, incoming Kindergarten students, incoming Grade 7 students, and transferees (through OUTRIGHT ACCEPTANCE), is qualified to apply for financial assistance under the Grant-in-Aid Program provided that the family is currently unable to pay for the cost of a Xavier School education.

For Old Applicants

Date Activity
July 15, 2022 Release of Application Form and Required Checklist (Download at this link: GIA Forms SY 2023-2024
October 3 to 14, 2022
Submission of Accomplished Forms and Requirements

For New Applicants (Incoming Kindergarten & Transferees)

Release of Application Forms will be made available after the release of the Admissions Results.
Submission of Application Forms and other requirements will begin after the payment of the Reservation Fee.
The deadline for the submission of accomplished forms and other requirements will be on May 15, 2023.

Release of Results

The results will be emailed to the applicants in March 2023.

Guidelines & Requirements

Accomplished application form and other requirements should be submitted to:

Xavier School Educational and Trust Fund (XSETF) Office c/o Ms. Lucy Dimalanta

1. The parents or guardian of student applicants must submit a Letter of Intent stating their reasons for applying for financial assistance.

2. The accomplished Application Form and requirements should be submitted digitally in .zip format via email to with the student’s name as the file name. 

3. In addition to the digital copy, kindly send a hard copy to Xavier School Nuvali (Gate 2). The applications will be forwarded to San Juan. Please address the envelope to:

       Ms. Lucy Dimalanta

       XSETF Office

     Note: Security guards are on duty 24/7 including Sundays and holidays.

4. We will not accept Application Forms with incomplete requirements and information, and those submitted after the specified deadline.

Read the memo announcement below for more information:

Announcement: Grant-in-Aid Application for School Year 2023-2024

  • Accomplished Grant-in-Aid Application Form
  • Letter of intent stating the reason for the requested grant.
  • Duly accomplished Application Form with the following attachments:
    • Recent 1.5×1.5 photo of the student (taken within the last three (3) months)
    • Recent 3R family picture (taken within the last three (3) months)
    • Report Cards
    • Photocopy of report card for previous school year, and,
    • Photocopy of report card of the current school year – 1st Quarter should have no failing marks
  • Report Cards (A) Photocopy of report card for previous school year (B) Photocopy of report card of the current school year – 1st Quarter should have no failing marks
  • Location Map of Residence with (A) Recent 3R picture of the permanent residence (full view of the whole house) (B)Recent 3R picture of the kitchen (main and dirty kitchen with the refrigerator in photo)
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation from the present employer of the Parent/s and working sibling/s
  • Business Registration, Permit, License, or Accreditation Certificate from DTI, SEC, LTFRB, City Hall
  • Payslip of Parent/s and working sibling/s (latest, 2 months)
  • Last available Payslip and Income Tax Return for those who lost their job
  • A copy of parent/s (father and mother) latest Income Tax Return; or BIR Certification of Exemption from filing ITR; or Annual Income Tax Return for those who have their own businesses
  • Certification of Tuition Fee payment of children studying (previous school year and current school year)
  • Electric bills, Cable bills (March, April, and May; include all pages)
  • Water bills(March, April, and May; include all pages)
  • Telephone, Cellphone, and Internet bills (latest, 2 months, include all pages)
  • All Credit Card bills(March, April, and May; include all pages)
  • All Bank Certificates for all investment (time deposits, stocks, bonds, etc.)
  • All Passbook (savings, current, online account, dollar and perso account, personal and business)
  • Passport (student and parents; photocopy only pages with immigration stamp, please bring original passport for verification)
  • Mortgage document and Official Receipts (latest, 2 months)
  • Loan Payment Receipt
  • For OFW, Seafarers; Latest Employment Contract
  • For AFP: Latest Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth (SALN)
  • Other requirements may also be requested by the granting office