XSN Grade 1 Fellowship 2022


By: Kaye Adorador 

Annually, the Xavier School Parent Auxiliary-Nuvali (XSPA-N), with the support of Xavier School Nuvali, organizes a social gathering of students and their families called a Fellowship. The objective of the event is to help students and their parents get to know each other through fun-filled activities that promote camaraderie and unity through an informal and casual affair. It also helps old and new students connect and form a bond.

Attendance almost complete. A good number of Grade 1 students attended this year’s fellowship together with their families.

The Grade 1 fellowship committee, which is composed of dedicated and hardworking parent representatives across all the Grade 1 sections, were given a couple of weeks to organize the first back-to-school, face-to-face fellowship event of the year. The committee immediately agreed upon the theme “Palarong Pinoy” as the event coincides with Buwan ng Wika.  It is also the perfect opportunity to introduce the children to some traditional Filipino games we all used to enjoy playing. 

The hard-working Grade 1 fellowship organizers led by Vanessa De Luna (center).

Being the first huge face-to-face event of the school year and given the need to adhere to strict health protocols, planning for the Fellowship seemed to be a daunting and delicate task.  Thanks to the guidance of the officers of XSPA-N, very helpful school staff, and the cooperative and generous parents of Grade 1, the fellowship committee became less anxious given the time and budget constraints. Despite the challenges, the extra-organized, talented, and hard-working committee members and parent volunteers were able to work harmoniously, pool a generous number of giveaways, create artistic decorations, and pull off the preparations for the event. In the end, everything worked out well, thanks to their amazing team effort.

On Aug.13, 2022, after almost a month of planning, meeting and organizing, the Fellowship for Grade 1 finally happened. The Ramon Ang gymnasium was transformed into a festive, Filipiniana-themed venue, complete with hand-painted designs, a custom-made sari-sari store and locally-sourced materials such as sumbrero, banig and abaniko fans, that turned into a beautiful event backdrop. The event was a tremendous success having been attended by almost all students and their families. Team lead for Primary Mrs. Melody Nuñez, K-3 School Counselor Ms.Julie Ann Bojos, and all class advisers were also present in the festivities.

An anahaw fan backdrop served as the background for the Gr1 fellowship event photobooth.

Kids had fun pretend-selling as they play with the custom-made sari-sari store for the event while getting real goodies.

Upon registration, attendees were given their Palarong Pinoy-themed lanyards and mask pouch, Green Cross spray bottles, HealthGuard masks and event stubs. To open the Fellowship, Kaizen Junio of 1C led the opening prayer, followed by Mrs. Melody Nuñez, who gave the opening remarks. A video presentation of each section was also shown before the event proper. The students and their families enjoyed participating in the activities prepared for them. Everyone got a kick out of playing traditional Filipino games such as piko, tumbang preso, luksong tinik, and pabitin. Cacophony of cheers echoed throughout the gym as students and parents alike motivated their own teams. Some other exciting games played were the Filipino costume relay, which is an improvised obstacle course, and the super cool, life-sized board game called Tala’s Philippine Adventure. Purefoods, Goldilocks, Quench8, and McDonald’s served as the event food and beverage partners. While everyone enjoyed their meal, an exhilarating dance number was also performed by the mascot of one of our event sponsors, Cherifer boy. A photo booth, courtesy of Chan Toei properties, served as souvenirs in the event as well.

Kids take turns in throwing tsinelas at the cans in an attempt to knock the stack down. Tumbang preso fun!

One of the games in the event is the amazing, life-sized board game called Tala’s Philippine Adventure, that features a girl traveling around the Philippines. The educational game comes with trivia and info about the places mentioned in the game.

Another classic, Filipino party staple, the pabitin, is being enjoyed by kids which added to their loot of goodies from the event.

Adults also had their share of fun games as they leapt with joy while playing luksong tinik.

Elated Grade 1 students join Cherifer boy as he performs a dance number.

As the fellowship came to a close, all the students received their loot bags and giveaways. Thanks to the event’s generous sponsors, URC, Enchanted Kingdom and Grade 1 families, there was a surplus of prizes and goodies that was given to the students. Everyone surely went home with happy hearts and tummies. The Fellowship event further ensured each student and their families that not only do they have friends, but also a warm-hearted and fun community in Xavier School Nuvali.

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