XSPA-N General Assembly, Missioning, and Oath-taking

XSPA-N General Assembly, Missioning, and Oath-taking

Article by Mrs. Aileen Chua, XSPA-N Chairperson

To start the HyfleXS school year, the Xavier School Parents’ Auxiliary - Nuvali (XSPA-N) held the first general meeting of its EXECOM and parent representatives from all grade levels last Saturday, July 16, 2022, at the John Tiu Ka Cho Multi-Purpose Center (MPC) in Xavier School Nuvali.

The General Assembly was the first of many in-person activities the XSPA-N has planned for the school year, as we transition to the new normal brought about by the pandemic. It was a meeting of old and new parent representatives who have gallantly volunteered their time and talent to be responsible partners of the school in nursing the light of our children.  

Hosted by Vice Chairperson Grace Molina, the afternoon began with the presentation of SY 2022-2023 activities by Chairperson Aileen Chua. To establish a closer working relationship within the organization, the parent representatives were grouped according to their levels. Each group had ice-breaker activities with games and prizes prepared by their cluster head. At the end of the meet and greet, the clusters had a friendly competition of Fear pong where they all performed their consequences gamely, like dancing and even eating a teaspoonful of Sriracha in the spirit of fun and camaraderie.

The highlight of the afternoon was the Missioning talk by Fr. Aristotle Dy, Xavier School President.  The talk was an eye opener and insightful for all parent volunteers who were reminded of the reasons why we chose to send our children to Xavier School Nuvali, i.e., the importance of our children’s value formation above all else. Fr. Ari also introduced us to the nurturing “Ignatian Parenting” with the intention of providing our children with opportunities for self-discovery and being present with them during their successes and difficult times. Personally, my take away from the talk is that we can’t always impose our own standard of excellence on our children or drive them to always succeed, which I am guilty of, but as parents, we need to help them find their own paths with constant reminders of love and support. 

To conclude the event, the members of the executive committee and parent representatives were officially inducted into the Xavier School Parents’ Auxiliary- Nuvali during the first onsite family-sponsored Holy Mass of the school year led by the Grade 7 batch.  Celebrating the Mass together were Fr. Ari Dy and Fr. Felipe Yohan, Jr., Xavier School’s new Campus Minister.  

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