XSN Grade 7 Fellowship 2022


Xavier School Nuvali’s Grade 7 Fellowship – August 27, 2022

by: Dexter Cinco (Grades 7 to 12 Clusterhead)

A yearly tradition at Xavier School Nuvali, made even more exciting and meaningful this 2022, as this year’s Grade 7 fellowship marks the first face-to-face activity for the entire seventh grade family since the pandemic has put the world into quarantine.

Highly expected by the incoming junior high school students, this event aims to promote the importance of family, friends and community among students and parents of the freshman batch, through fun and interactive face-to-face activities on campus.


The lines from the registration table, managed by our parent rep volunteers and XSPAN, suddenly flooded the Ramon Ang gymnasium with excited students and their families

This year’s fellowship, aptly entitled “KUMUSTA KA, KAIBIGAN?” not only highlights the Filipino-theme as August being “Buwan ng Wika”, but also exudes the care and concern of the Xavier students for their fellow classmates, especially as all are coming from almost two years of quarantine – with most of them seeing each other again in person after so long.

Enthusiastic student hosts for the fellowship (from left to right) Wynter Pamintuan, Paula Mercado and Ally Perez.

The Grade 7 students basically took the helm for this fellowship. From conceptualizing the presentation and games, to hosting and performing, they made their first face to face batch activity truly something to remember! Garnering attendance of about 100 students and totaling around 300 attendees, it was such a memorable and fun filled experience for the kids and their families.

Singing, dancing and games (all accompanied by the cheers of classmates – all cheering for their friends!)


Students (and parents!!!!) all had fun seeing each other face to face again! Everyone missed everyone!



Color coordinated by section – the kids of 7A (blue), 7B  (white), 7C (red) and 7D (yellow)

The Grade 7 fellowship was headed by Zarina Castillo-Ly with the help and support of the Grade 7 parent representatives and volunteers, together with XSN faculty, staff and XSPAN officers, whom, without their selfless contribution, this event would have not been possible!

First picture From left: Anna Diu, Zarina Castillo-Ly, Lei Mercado, Chrissie Sze and Alyn Estiva – at the registration table

  Second picture: with Princess Salaysay-Facistol and Lynda Chu

The fellowship was also graced by our Asst. Principal for Academics, Mr. Frederick Perez and Team Leader for Gr 7 to 10, Ms. Mina Bona along with Mr. Almoguerra of 7A and Mrs. Humarang of 7D who took time from their busy schedules to spend time with the students.

Ms. Bona and Mr. Perez all smiles at the Grade 7 Fellowship

Food, drinks, prizes and  goody bags were aplenty for the fellowship – courtesy of our sponsors Purefoods, Honeymon, Macao Imperial Tea, Men’s Room, Chan Toei, Bistro Charlemagne, Green Cross, Healthguard and the support and generosity of the parents of Grade 7! 

Students asking for one more picture as a souvenir for their fellowship event!

As the fellowship drew to a close, students rushed to get souvenir photo with their classmates at the photobooth sponsored by Chan Toei. Sweaty and tired but still laughing and full of joy, this year’s fellowship has been truly a memorable experience not only for the Grade 7 students, but the entire Grade 7 family – their parents, siblings, the Xavier School Nuvali faculty and staff. It is now a fond memory many will look back to and hopefully, smile about… a reminder to think about our friends and show our concern for the XSN community, specially in light of the events of the current times…and not forget to  give a caring query “Hi, how are you, friend”…”Kumusta ka, kaibigan?”

Luceat Lux.


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